Library Technologies, Inc. develops and markets design and analysis tools for integrated circuit design. The tools and products are integrated together. They interface to popular chip designs flows. SolutionWare product line covers characterization and modeling requirements for standard cells, IO and memories including functional verification and design library generation. Our circuit optimizer, CellOpt, performs transistor sizing producing low power cells meeting timing requirements. To address the challenges posed by process variation, YieldOpt identifies best case/worst case process conditions under systematic and random variations for each standard cell. It eliminates the need for Monte-Carlo simulations and statistical timing analysis for digital designs. UnBlock helps with the modeling and verification of custom digital designs. PowerTeam provides vector based dynamic power simulation capability within Verilog environment. ChipTimer reduces area and leakage, and improves the speed of any digital synthesizable design by coupling netlist level timing optimization techniques with on fly library generation capabilities of CellOpt.
SolutionWare: Characterization
SolutionWare: Model and Library Generators
CCSTEST: Library Verification and Correlation
CellOpt: Circuit Optimization
YieldOpt: Electrical Design for Yield/Process Variation
ChipTimer: High Speed Chip Design
PowerTeam: Gate Level Power Simulator
UnBlock& RcBack: Custom Block Modeling

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